Wake County NABA Count – August 15, 2014

Here are the totals for the Wake County butterfly count, held last Friday (August 15). John Connors sent it to participants only, in an Excel file. I copied the two relevant columns. Note that I haven’t gone thru and removed excess lines of species not seen.

We did manage 55 species, a very good total, considering the struggle to find butterflies this year. Several were new to the count, which started in 1995 — Brazilian Skipper and Great Spangled Fritillary, both seen by me. Neither is new for the county, and the Fritillary probably should have been gotten earlier, but we lie a tad southeast of the edge of the range. I did manage a photo of the Fritillary, but the Brazilian was not about to let me get close for an iPhone photo! Note a few other goodies, such as Great Purple Hairstreak, Harvester, Byssus Skipper, etc. And, note the absence of anglewings — not a surprise this year.

Harry LeGrand

Paplionidae- Swallowtails
Pipevine Sw.- Battus philenor 3
Zebra Sw. – Eurytides marcellus
Black Sw. -Papilio polyxenes 6
Giant Sw. – Papilio cresphontes
E. Tiger Sw. – Papilio glaucus 19
Spicebush Sw.- Papilio troilus 6
Palamedes Sw. – P. palamedes
Pieridae- Whites & Sulphurs
Checkered W.-Pontia protodice
Cabbage Wh. -Pieris rapae 19
Clouded Sul. -Colias philodice 1
Orange Sulp.- Colias eurytheme 16
So. Dogface – Colias cesonia
Cloudless Sul- Phoebis sennae 4
Little Yellow- Eureme lisa 3
Sleepy Orange- Eurema nicippe 23
Lycaenidae- Harvesters
Harvester – Feniseca tarquinius 1
Lycaenidae- Hairstreaks
Gr. Purple Hrstk- Atlides halesus 1
Coral Hrstk- Satyrium titus
Edwards’ Hrstk- S. edwardsii
Banded Hrstk – S. calanus
Striped Hrstk – S liparops
Southern Hrstk – S. favonius
E. Pine Elfin – C. niphon
Juniper Hrstk – C. gryneus
White-M Hrstk-Parrhasius m-album
Gray Hrstk – Strymon melinus 11
Red-bd Hrstk-Calycopis cecrops 2
Lycaenidae- Blues
E Tailed Blue- Everes comyntas 37
Spring Azure- Celastrina ladon
Summer Azure- C. neglecta 23
A Snout- Libytheana carinenta 1
Nymphalidae- Brushfoots
Gulf Fritillary- Agraulis vanillae
Zebra- Heliconius charitonius
Variegated Frit-Euptoieta claudia 18
GrSpangled Frit-Speyeria cybele 1
SilveryCheckersp-Chlosyne nycteis
Pearl Crescent-Phyciodes tharos 36
QMark- Polygonia interrogationis
E Comma- P. comma
Mourning Cloak-Nymphalis antiopa
A. Lady- Vanessa virginiensis 2
Painted Lady- V. cardui 2
Red Admiral- V. atalanta 2
C. Buckeye- Junonia coenia 69
Red-sp.Purple-Limenitis arthemis 17
Viceroy- L. archippus 9
Hackberry E.-Asterocampa celtis 8
Tawny Emperor- A. clyton
Nymphalidae- Satyrs
So.Pearly-eye- Enodia portlandia
No. Pearly-eye- E. anthedon 6
Creole P.-eye- E. creola 3
App.Brown-Satyrodes appalachia 1
Gemmed Satyr-Cyllopsis gemma 1
Car.Satyr-Hermeuptychia sosybius 32
Little Wood Satyr-Megisto cymelo
C. Wood-Nymph-Cercyonis pegala 1
Nymphalidae-Milkweed Butterflies
Monarch– Danaus plexippus 11
Hesperiidae- Spreadwing Skippers
Silver-spot Sk.-Epargyreus clarus 93
Long-tail Skip- Urbanus proteus
Hoary Edge- Achalarus lyciades 2
SoCloudywing 3
NoCloudywing- T. pylades
Confused Cloudywing-T.confusis
Hayhurst Scallop-Staphylus hayhurstii
Juvenal’s Duskywing-Erynnis juvenalis
Horace’s Duskywing- E. horatius 17
Mottled Duskywing- E. martialis
Zarucco Duskywing- E. zarucco
Wild Indigo Duskyw- E. baptisiae 3
C.Checkered Skip-Pyrgus communis 8
C. Sootywing- Phollisora catullus
Hesperiidae- Grass Skippers
Swarthy Skip- Nastra Iherminier 10
Clouded Skip- Lerema accius 19
Least Skip-Ancycloxypha numitor 57
So.Skipperling-Copaeodes minimus
Fiery Skip-Hylephila phyleus 164
Tawny-edgeSkip-Polites themistocles
Crossline Skip- P. origenes
Long Dash- P. mystic
Whirlabout- P. vibex
So.Broken-Dash-Wallengrenia otho 2
No. Broken-Dash- W. egeremet 1
Little Glassywing-Pompeius verna 21
Sachem- Atalopedes campestris 141
Zabulon Skip- Poanes zabulon 88
Dun Skip- Euphyes vestris 6
Lace-wingRdside-Amblyscirtes aesculapius 2
C. Roadside Skip-A. carolina
Com. Roadside- A. vialis
Eufala Skip- Lerodea eufala
Ocola Skip- Panoquina ocola 29
Other Species
Delaware Skip Anatrytone logan
Yehl Skip- Poanes yehl
Dion Skipper Euphyes dion 1
Braod-wing Skip-Poanes viator
Byssus Skipper 1
Brazilian Skipper 1
Total Species Obseved 55
Total numbers 1064
Date au 15
temp 65-87
% sun 75
precip 0
# Observers 15
Party miles 18
Party Hours 30
Sites Surveyed
Art Museum garden
Schenck x
Umstead Powerline x
Umstead-Ebenezer bottom x
Buckeye Greenway x
Durant Nature Park x
Falls dam/Neuse River x
Blue Jay Pt.
NCSU Arboretum x
Prairie Ridge x
Horseshoe Farm x
Neuse-Anderson Pt x
Durant Rd Landfill Pk x