Triangle Chapter — Duke Forest — April 15, 2017

Ten of us explored the “Wooden Bridge Rd” hike in Duke Forest (Orange Co., NC) this afternoon (4/15/2017).  We enjoyed a nice hike finding butterflies, dragonflies, snakes (racer, rat snake, N. Water Snake), wildflowers, and other goodies.  Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped spot things!  Here’s our butterfly list:
Eastern Tiger Swallowtail15
Cloudless Sulphur1
Eastern Tailed-Blue6
Azure sp.1
American Snout1
Pearl Crescent6
Polygonia sp.1
American Lady1
Red-spotted Purple2
Gemmed Satyr5
Carolina Satyr30
satyr sp.15
Silver-spotted Skipper1
Juvenal’s Duskywing2
Zabulon Skipper1

Dragonflies included Swamp Darner, Springtime Darner, Ashy Clubtail, Stream Cruiser, Blue Corporal, Common Baskettail, and probably something else I forgot to write down!

Jeff Pippen