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NABA Count: Weymouth Woods – Sandhills NP

Meet up will be at the Visitor’s Center in the morning. This location offers a pleasant walk through stands of pine forests. Pathways are packed sand. Wearing sturdy walking or hiking shoes is recommended along with long sleeves and pants as we will go off trail in some locations to look for as many butterfly species as possible. It is recommended you use a good bug spray, wear sunscreen, and carry water with you. Be sure to bring with you those items you may need to have a pleasant experience.

NABA Counts are scheduled for six hours, but any amount of time spent participating in the count is welcome. The customary $3 participation fee is waived.

It is recommended you bring a packed lunch and snacks with plenty of water. The Visitor’s Center has public restrooms and a water fountain. The nearest towns of Aberdeen and Southern Pines have many restaurants and other accommodations.

Target species for this count are the King’s and Edward’s Hairstreaks. Additional species commonly seen are Palamedes, Spicebush, and Tiger Swallowtails; Common Buckeyes; Eastern Tailed Blues and Azures, and assorted duskywings.

The results of last year’s count can be viewed here.

Photos from Weymouth Woods NABA Count 2017
Edward’s HairstreakKing’s Hairstreak

Advanced Wednesday Walk: Eno River State Park

We will meet in the parking lot at the end of Cole Mill Rd near the restrooms. Paths are mowed grass. We will be going off path into weedy areas. It is recommended that you wear long pants and sturdy or hiking shoes and use bug spray to prevent tick bites. Amenities at the park include a public restroom, water fountain, and sheltered picnic areas. The park is located within a couple of miles from restaurants and gas stations. Please bring with you any items you may require to have an enjoyable walk and experience.

Butterflies typically seen at Eno River include juniper hairstreaks, swallowtails, skippers. Unusual sightings include the Dusted Skipper, Harvester, and Pine Elfin.

NABA Count: Dismal Swamp State Park

A wonderful citizen science opportunity for butterfliers! We will meet at the park’s visitor’s center. Transportation within the park to various locations will be provided. Amenities at the park include public bathrooms and water fountains within the visitor’s center. The nearest major city with restaurants and lodging is Elizabeth City, about 20 miles from the park. Be sure to bring with you the necessities you require to have an enjoyable butterfly counting experience. It is recommended that you wear long pants, long sleeves, bring insect repellent, and wear sturdy shoes or hiking footwear. Paths within the park are grassy and fairly level. Once inside the park conducting the count access to amenities is limited. The $3 participation fee for a NABA Count is waived. Please register for this event so that Brian can keep you updated about changes due to weather or other circumstances.

Target species is the Hessel’s Hairstreak. Additional butterflies to be observed include: Palamedes Swallowtail (a new state record number was observed in 2017), Zebra Swallowtail, assorted skippers, hairstreaks, and more. Review the trip report of the 2017 count.

Brown Elfin Walk

We will meet in the parking lot area near the map bulletin board. Please wear sturdy shoes or footwear designed for hiking at the trail is gravel, inclined, and uneven. Bring with you any other necessities you may require for an enjoyable walk. Amenities at this park are composting toilets. There are numerous fast food restaurants within a mile of the park. If you wish to photograph the Brown Elfin be sure to have a zoom lens as the butterfly is quite flighty. If you have a macro lens you may be able to capture a good image if you are patient for a close-up. Additional sightings of anglewings and Juvenal’s Duskywing are possible. Note: Rain date or poor butterflying weather reschedule date is Thursday, March 29 @ 1-2 PM.