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International Butterfly Links

Butterflies in Indo-China:
A Check List of Butterflies in Indo-China, chiefly from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. This site has plates and useful information on butterflies in Indo-China.

Moths and Butterflies of Europe
A sample of European moths and butterflies and, for each species, information about foodplants, breeding, life cycle.

Thailand’s Amazing Insects
John Moore’s photographs and information on all kinds of insects including
butterflies and beetles from the forests around Chiang Mai.

Captain’s European Butterfly Guide:
Simon Coombes web site on finding European Butterflies with photos of 169 species on the site. Loads of information on sorts of butterfly related stuff.

Chin’s Butterfly Gallery:
Chin Fah Shin has been photographing butterflies in Malaysia since 1982. There’s 1181 recorded species of butterflies in Malaysia and he’s photographed most of them. A must see web site also.