Master Calendar of the Carolina Butterfly Society

The scheduled activities of all chapters, joint activities, and NABA butterfly counts can be viewed on the calendar below. To access a specific chapter calendar, access the chapter’s webpage from the drop down menu, or the local chapters webpage. NABA butterfly counts calendar can be accessed from the drop down menu under Calendar, or directly linked here.

Members and non-members are welcome to attend events! Always contact the trip leader if you plan to participate in a trip; occasionally weather, or yesterday’s observations, will dictate a change in the rendezvous location or itinerary!! The Carolina Butterfly Society sponsors a variety of activities during “butterfly season”.

List of Abbreviations

Garden Walks (GW): A good way to get started. These leisurely walks to observe
& identify butterflies usually take place at a public garden, park, or
nature center.

Field Trips (FT): A trip with some sort of focus such as locating or
photographing an uncommon or rare species or checking out a new interesting

Annual Foray (AF): A several day event to a region of the Carolinas that
is poorly known. It will allow a more in-depth coverage looking for special target species.

Scouting Trips (ST): Much like a field trip but very informal and is to a new or
unproven site. The purpose is to investigate the area for potential as a future trip site.

NABA Counts (NABA): A one-day enumeration of butterflies that can be found in
a designated 15-mile diameter circle. The results are compiled &
published by the North American Butterfly Association (NABA). There is a
$3/participant fee for these events payable to NABA to help defray the
publishing costs.